A Passion for Well-Being

The essence of our concept is the personalised experience we offer our residents and their families.

Every member of a group is special.

Emera is committed to safeguarding residents’ quality of life and well-being in shared living spaces that promote respect.

We care about all our residents’ unique expectations and needs, taking into account personal experiences, individuality, preferences and interests.

Stay length – Residences

All the Emera Group’s retirement homes offer the following: temporary accommodation for a few nights, several months or for life. This means individuals are welcome to come and recover from a hospital stay or explore the residence for a few days.

Temporary stays are tailored, responsive solutions for people seeking to fight loneliness, recover after a stay in hospital or try the residence out for size.

Some EHPAD residences also offer support for carers, often family members, through day care for disoriented elderly people.

The Emera group draws on an innovative mixed approach in developing its new residences to offer seniors the full residence experience. Concretely, this means they are able to choose the right type of stay in a senior residence for them (EHPA or EHPAD), depending on how independent they are.

Levels of care

Emera retirement residences are suitable for independent, semi-independent, dependent and/or disorientated people in different sectors based on their independence level, thus ensuring everyone receives a tailored experience.

Make yourself at home

In our EHPAs and EHPADs, we offer fully-equipped, decorated bedrooms. Residents are completely free to bring some of their own furniture and adjust the décor in their private spaces as they see fit.

In our service residences, residents enjoy this same level of freedom in choosing how they lay out their apartment.

Residents are free to entertain family and friends whenever they like.

We can organise meals for special events and have a reception room available to book for special occasions.