Pleasure, quality, comfort and safety in our nursing homes.

We offer high-end hospitality services.

Our warm, innovative architecture and design means private spaces that are open plan and spacious, with light and transparency given pride of place.

55m² of living space per resident on average.

Sweeping living rooms in a harmonious, carefully selected palette of colours are scattered throughout the residence.

Residents also enjoy:

  • a full-service bank, as you’d expect in a hotel
  • a fireplace and library
  • a physiotherapy area
  • a hair and beauty salon
  • a balcony and/or patio
  • grounds and/or a garden
  • a games room and TV room (big screen)
  • a newsagent’s
  • a bar
  • an internet hub
  • CCTV protection
  • a safe in every room

Total security

Because we’ve looked at user-friendliness and comfort from every angle, our residences boast facilities and layouts specifically designed with seniors in mind.

Maintenance is an everyday priority, with special care given over to maintaining quality and security at our facilities.