If you’d like extra information or clarification surrounding any of these points, we invite you to get in touch with the residence of your choice.

The pricing structure for retirement homes was reformed on 27 April 1999. The changes initially affected establishments with capacity of 85 residents or more. The remaining nursing establishments were due to be integrated before the end of 2006.

Pricing is governed by a tripartite agreement signed by the ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé, the regional healthcare authority), the General Council and the establishment in question.

Agreements are valid for a 5-year period. Our retirement homes, referred to as ‘Retirement Residences’, are qualified as EHPADs (Etablissement dHébergement pour Personnes Âgées Dépendantes, accommodation establishments for dependent elderly residents), and undertake to comply with norms and standards designed to guarantee a high level of services in line with health and safety regulations (food, fire, etc. Cf. French legislation from January 2002).

Accommodation package:

This package includes premium accommodation, catering and hospitality (full-board, bedding and towels provided for short-term stays), administrative and guidance services, events and activities, as well as snacks.

This portion is paid by:

– the resident (personal income, pension fund, insurance, etc.)

– the resident’s family or carers

– CAF (housing benefits)

In the event of planned absence or hospital stays, a discount will be applied to the dependence and accommodation price, equivalent to a day rate and in compliance with the conditions outlined in the accommodation contract.

Dependence package:

This package includes help with all everyday tasks and errands in the event of loss of independence (with the latter being assessed according to France’s independence assessment grid, known as the AGGIR). APA independence benefits can result in discounts applied to this pricing (excluding co-payment made by the resident).

This portion is paid by:

– the resident (personal income, pension fund, insurance, etc.)

– the resident’s family or carers

– the General Council (application for APA benefits outside co-payment*)

*amount equivalent to the portion of the APA that remains payable by the resident irrespective of their level of dependence, equivalent to a co-payment amounting to GIR 5-6.

Care package:

This package encompasses all care provided by nursing staff and external professionals attached to the French social security services.

Add-on services:

The cost of some optional add-on services should be taken into consideration: personal dry-cleaning, meals for guests, TV hire, telephone use, hairdressing and pedicures. Pricing for these different services vary by residence. Planned absences and hospital stays result in a discount (day rate) as outlined in the establishments’ rules and regulations.