Maintaining a social life, enjoying exceptional experiences and personal development

Our approach to socialising focuses on activities that go beyond merely keeping residents busy or having fun. Instead, we encourage our residents to keep growing and developing as people.

  • Holding on to habits residents had before moving to their new residence
  • Outward-looking activities and special events
  • Continuing to learn and travel
  • Keeping fit and focussing on body and soul
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Encouraging a sense of community and holding on to identity
  • Developing networks with partners, becoming an active member of the local social and cultural fabric

This is what all activity leaders at our residences aim to achieve.

To do so, we approach events and activities from a multi-faceted angle.

Every residence offers a daily line-up of different activities and events in line with residents’ abilities and preferences.

This approach to activities relies on the strong sense of community that thrives in our residences, where residents are free to submit requests, explore new interests and continue living their lives.

The EMERA group makes it a priority to encourage an outward-looking spirit in its residences thanks to innovative events, such as:

Conferences open to medical and social professionals as well as anyone interested in learning, discussing and providing solutions for maintaining quality of life and safeguarding well-being for residents.

CARPE DIEM workshops. This is a programme aimed at prevention and boosting independence for local seniors still living at home. A range of courses and workshops are on offer, from IT and memory boosting to Pilates, yoga and more. The classes help seniors make new connections and find their place in the local community by taking part in workshops in our establishments. This is a half-way step between home and a temporary stay at an EHPAD.

Carer meet-ups. Designed for residents’ families and loved ones, these meet-ups are held once a month at the establishments, and are a chance to come together, stay informed, talk and share experiences of coping with a loved one who has lost part, or all, of their independence. Professionals (director, coordinating doctor, coordinating nurse, psychologist) are on hand to make tackling tough topics easier, during informal meetings where the focus is on listening, sharing and coming together. These meet-ups are open to caregivers and professional carers alike.

The EMERA group also innovates via events that are open to a wider audience, such as: