We look after the elderly

All senior residents in our EMERA residences are treated to respect, prevention and high-quality care.

We continuously strive to maintain independence and comfort for our residents.

Our residences are homes and communities for people who need care, as they often have conditions that lead to a loss of independence, whether physical, sensory (sight, hearing) and/or mental.

Every elderly resident is considered special and unique in the Emera group’s retirement homes. After their initial introductory welcoming period, we work with every new resident to establish their very own plan. As well as outlining individual living preferences, this plan includes care needs.

We provide the support residents need in their everyday lives, with respect and professionalism at all times. All our staff are qualified and trained.

Adapted activities are on offer, designed to allow residents to maintain the abilities they still have.

Sometimes certain disorders may develop (Alzheimer’s and similar diseases). When this happens, non-medicinal management is offered to stimulate and soothe residents.

Care is always provided with a view to improving well-being, enjoyment and comfort for residents.

Families and loved ones are welcome to come and spend time with residents throughout their stay with us, and can expect a proper welcome, information and support during their time here.

TAILORED, PERSONALISED care is provided by our multi-disciplinary teams of skilled professionals at each residence. Each team includes a coordinating doctor and a coordinating nurse tasked with leading qualified, trained care staff.

 A digital care plan ensures personalised tracking for each resident, encompassing external professionals and the different internal departments for comprehensive, targeted care. This is part of our 360-degree approach to caring for the elderly aimed at maintaining independence for our residents. All residents are free to keep their usual GP.