Taking the next step in moving to a retirement home

You’ll need to apply for admission to one of our residences.

Every retirement residence you apply to will assess your application to check that your resident’s health needs are compatible with our organisation.

After assessing your application, the retirement residence will run through any extra services you need: on-site visits, check-ups with the coordinating doctor, extra information about you, prices, etc.

Documents to fill in

  • Accommodation contract
  • The medical questionnaire is given to the establishment’s coordinating doctor and must be filled in by a doctor using the independence grid: your GP can do this for you if you currently live in your own home, or your establishment’s doctor can do so if you are currently in hospital. Please note:the retirement residence may ask prospective residents to attend a check-up with the retirement home’s coordinating doctor.
  • Prospective resident’s personal details form, provided by the retirement residence
  • Confirmation that the price per day will be paid, signed by the resident or their family (optional)

Admission fees

The first month’s rent

The deposit (generally equivalent to one month’s rent for long-term stays)

Documents to send with your forms


  • Administrative paperwork (administrative information concerning the resident)
  • Photocopy of family record booklet
  • Photocopy of ID
  • Photocopy of social security certificate or card (carte vitale) and social security registration card
  • Photocopy of mutuelle (health insurance) certificate
  • Photocopy of tax returns for pension funds for the previous year (optional)
  • Photocopy of personal civil liability insurance
  • Photocopy of insurance for personal items and belongings
  • 2 x passport photos
  • Bank details
  • Confirmation of payment: Resident, family, legal guardian, etc. (optional)

 Medical (medical confidentiality guaranteed):

  • Medical paperwork: GP’s opinion or opinion issued by current establishment + independence grid
  • Last prescriptions
  • Medical liaison file from the resident’s original establishment

Where applicable:

  • Photocopy of war veteran’s card
  • Photocopy of disability card: Commission des Droits à l’Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées [commission for the rights of disabled persons to independence], ex. COTOREP
  • Photocopy of housing benefits
  • Photocopy of approval for APA
  • Photocopy of tutorship decision
  • Photocopy of funeral contracts

If you’d like to receive benefits*:

  • Proof of application for social benefits made to the local council of your last home (emergency home)
  • Photocopy of your bank accounts and investments made over the past three months

*Some of the Emera group’s establishments allow residents to claim benefits. For the others, residents who have lived at their establishment for over five years can apply individually.